The world of Bushmans Kloof

The Biedouw Restoration Project - BK

10 Apr 2024 Make Travel Matter

The Biedouw Restoration Project

Find out more about The Biedouw Restoration project, aiming to restore the natural balance of the Biedouw River ecosystem in South Africa.

Rock Art in Bushman Kloof

05 Mar 2024 Make Travel Matter

Bushmans Kloof's Sustainability Initiatives

Find out more about our environmentally conscious activities at Bushmans Kloof, committed to providing a greener future.

Bushmans Kloof Heritage Centre

23 Jan 2024 Make Travel Matter

Exploring our San Artefact Exhibition

Experience Bushmans Kloof's San Artefact Exhibition, showcasing the rich history of the San people through mesmerising ceremonial tools.

16 Sept 2022 Make Travel Matter

The latest Cheetah Outreach progress report

Discover the progress of our involvement in The Cheetah Outreach Programme at Bushmans Kloof, a keystone in our conservation initiatives.

09 May 2022 Make Travel Matter

Bushmans Kloof and its Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

Visit and spend time with the Anatolian Shepherd Dogs at Bushmans Kloof.

31 Mar 2021 Make Travel Matter

Revealing the mysteries of Bushmans Kloof rock art

Bushmans Kloof's rock art is a National Heritage Site. Here we reveal its mysteries with curator Londi.

Bushmans Kloof Drive Exterior

24 May 2019 Make Travel Matter

Cedar tree planting in the Bushmans wilderness

Conservationists, families and schools gathered for the 16th Clanwilliam Cedar Tree planting ceremony.

02 Jan 2018 Make Travel Matter

Treadright Foundation: The Cape Leopard Trust

Bushmans Kloof and the Treadright Foundation are committed to supporting the work of the Cape Leopard Trust, who help protect the local area.

19 Apr 2017 Make Travel Matter

Conservation collaboration

TreadRight is paving the way in preserving this unique landscape and culture of the Cape Floral Kingdom through conservation and community efforts.