Start your day with a hearty breakfast that combines smoky kippers with perfectly poached eggs, served against the backdrop of breathtaking wilderness. This is a morning ritual not to be missed. 


Savour a classic gin and tonic, crafted with local botanicals and served amid the serene wilderness. This refreshing signature drink perfectly complements the spectacular views at Bushmans Kloof. 


Nestled within the Cederberg Mountains, Koro Lodge offers an exclusive retreat amidst breathtaking landscapes. Enjoy private dining under the stars, guided wilderness experiences, and serene relaxation by your private pool. 


Canoeing in crystal-clear water amidst the Cederberg Mountains is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. As you immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscape, paddle through dams and the winding river, surrounded by ancient rock formations. 


Our Rock Art Experience offers a fascinating glimpse into both the daily life and cultural traditions of this ancient nomadic people. In the company of our expert guides, discover the remarkable history stained into these dramatic cliffs and rocky outcrops. 


Meet Coenraad Boucher, our Food & Beverage Manager. Coenraad looks forward to creating incredible moments for guests and to go above and beyond their expectations in every way.