Bushmans Kloof Buck

Picnic in the reserve

At Bushmans Kloof picnics are a grand affair, and an outdoor-dining experience to remember. Picnics can be tailored to how you’d prefer to spend your days on the reserve. If you’d like to soak up the serenity and solitude with a wilderness hike we’ll pack a rucksack filled with energy-boosting treats and delicious bites. For a more formal affair, discover a picnic table set up in a quiet corner of the reserve, laden with gourmet delights. Picnics in the reserve are offered at R600 per couple, and are available on request only.

Bushmans Kloof Rock Art Background


Located in a quiet corner of the reserve, this intimate and exclusive space offers an unforgettable dining experience. With no electricity, candles and lanterns provide both light and atmosphere, while the talented Kadoro chefs whip up a gourmet feast over open flame.

Dinner at Kadoro is offered at R1900 per person.

Walled Garden

Enjoy a private dinner within the sanctuary of our historic Walled Garden. As hurricane lanterns cast their glow, the tables are laid with fine linen amid the lush vegetable beds, olive groves and citrus orchards.

This unique al fresco dining experience is suitable for both couples and small groups, and comes at an additional cost of R450 per person. 

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