At Bushmans Kloof, our commitment to environmental and social responsibility has a multifaceted approach, find out more about our holistic dedication to creating a positive impact on both the environment and the community below.


climate at bushmans kloof

Here at Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Retreat, we are proud to be at the forefront of sustainable practices, embodying a commitment to environmental responsibility and resource conservation. A key initiative is our on-site residence for every staff member, effectively minimising the need for external transportation and reducing our carbon footprint. Our accommodation facilities have transitioned to energy-efficient LED lights, while solar-powered geysers are progressively introduced for staff use. Public areas utilise timed lighting systems, optimising energy consumption.

Embracing the essence of summer, outdoor dining areas are prioritised to minimise power usage. Rainwater and greywater from baths and showers undergo processing and recycling, contributing to a diminished environmental impact and restricting the use of 'new' water for garden irrigation. Borehole water from the reserve is employed for irrigation, utilising micro-jet systems to ensure efficiency.

The lodge prioritises sustainability by sourcing firewood from alien vegetation, landscaping with drought-resistant indigenous plants, and offering filtered borehole water to guests instead of bottled alternatives. Moreover, daily harvests of indigenous herbs and vegetables from an organic garden enhance guest menus, while responsible waste management practices include composting vegetable waste to minimise landfill contributions and reduce the need for chemical fertilisers in the kitchen garden. Through these initiatives, Bushman's Kloof is not only creating a haven for guests but also exemplifying a harmonious coexistence with the environment.


bushmans kloof braii

Bushmans Kloof champions sustainable food practices by designing innovative menus and implementing effective waste management. Our lunch menu features five sharing plates, reducing the need for extensive dish preparation and emphasising plant-based options with minimal meat and fish. Our dinner menu offers two options each of seafood, meat, and vegetables in smaller portions, allowing guests to tailor their meals. All dishes are prepared 'a la minute' for freshness, and food waste is carefully separated. Cooked waste supports local substance farmers as pig feed, while plant-based waste becomes compost for our on-site vegetable garden. In this way, Bushmans Kloof ensures a delightful dining experience while promoting sustainability.


bushmans kloof picnic

Bushmans Kloof goes above and beyond in promoting sustainable food practices, epitomising a commitment to ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility. Prioritising self-sufficiency by supplying a substantial portion of organic vegetables from our own vegetable garden, Bushmans Kloof ensures freshness and reduction of the carbon footprint associated with transportation. Our dedication to sustainable sourcing extends to our meat offerings, exclusively procured from local farmers and suppliers who adhere to free-range practices. Notably, our commitment to responsible seafood sourcing is exemplified through a partnership with Abalobi, a not-for-profit organisation supporting local small-scale fishermen. By selecting ecologically responsible and socially fair suppliers, we ensure that our culinary offerings align with the principles of sustainability, promoting a harmonious relationship between food production, community support, and environmental conservation.


bushmans kloof volunteering

Bushmans Kloof actively engages in impactful local volunteer practices. Each week, dedicated team members devote their time to various conservation projects, collaborating with organisations such as the Cape Leopard Trust, Biedouw River Restoration Project, and initiatives like Saving the Sandfish and Cedar Tree planting. In addition to environmental efforts, our team also contributes to the local community by volunteering at the nearby Elizabethfontein Primary School. This commitment to weekly volunteer work showcases Bushmans Kloof's dedication to making a positive difference in both environmental conservation and community development.


Bushmans Kloof nature drive

Bushman's Kloof Wilderness Reserve has cultivated sustainable partnerships that extend beyond the luxurious confines of the lodge, with a profound commitment to wildlife conservation, botanical preservation, and ecological balance. Our dedication to wildlife conservation is exemplified through its extensive habitat restoration initiatives. Since 1995, Bushmans Kloof has invested significant resources in reintroducing species that historically inhabited the plains, contributing to the remarkable resurgence of the Cape Mountain Zebra from the brink of extinction. The reserve now safeguards one of the world's largest private herds of these zebras, alongside the successful return of the Red Hartebeest, Grey Rhebok, Ostrich, Bat-Eared Fox, African Wildcat, Cape Fox, Caracal, and Cape Clawless Otter.

Beyond land-based conservation, the rivers and dams within Bushmans Kloof host the endemic Clanwilliam Yellowfish, a prized catch for fly-fishermen. The lodge provides all necessary fly-fishing equipment, emphasising a strict catch-and-release policy to preserve the delicate aquatic ecosystem. These sustainable partnerships and initiatives not only enrich the guest experience with captivating wildlife encounters and botanical wonders but also underscore Bushmans Kloof's enduring commitment to ecological stewardship and responsible tourism.