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Reducing our carbon footprint...

Indigenous herbs and vegetables are picked daily from the organic garden and incorporated into dishes on the guest menu. A special Fynbos menu features local indigenous herbs picked daily to create a range of popular South African inspired dishes.

We are proud that all of our crops are organic and no fruit or vegetables are chemically treated. Filtered water is offered to guests rather than bottled water where possible, and drought resistant species of flora are planted wherever possible.

Fresh from the garden

Our organic garden provides the kitchens with fresh, robust produce. We have established a large, purpose built compost area, where prunings are shredded and composted for mulching. Vegetable waste is always composted, minimising contribution to landfill and reducing the need for chemicals to fertilise and enrich the soil in our kitchen garden.

Tea leaves, coffee grounds and egg shells go onto the compost heap as wonderful sources of slow-release nitrogen. Wherever possible, vegetables and herbs grown in our organic garden are used in the lodge kitchens, or alternatively these are sourced locally.