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Environmental management

All management actions are governed by a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan, ratified by the Bushmans Kloof Conservation Trust. Each trustee is an expert in a particular field including wildlife management, botany, archaeology and cultural heritage. Bushmans Kloof makes regular use of the services of the Nature Conservation Corporation, an independent environmental management consultancy.

We ensure that we make minimal impacts on the environment...

Strict protocol is adhered to at archaeological and rock art sites

Guests are educated in terms of the protection and respect for rock art sites

Particularly sensitive rock art sites are closed to the public, but interpreted through high-quality MS Power Point presentations

Only indigenous wildlife species are introduced on the reserve

Irrigation of the gardens is done through micro-jet irrigation and at judicious times to limit unnecessary evaporation

Treated grey water is used to irrigate the larger grassed areas

Only biodegradable detergents are used

Guests are encouraged to assist in the property’s water saving policies and are made aware of the need for water conservation in the Western Cape

Lodge sewage is treated in a Biolytix system (raw sewage is broken down by worms)

All non-organic waste is transported off the property to the Clanwilliam municipal dump site

Organic waste is used as mulch and compost in the gardens

All the swimming pools are salt chlorinated

Vehicles are prohibited from driving off-road

All roads are maintained annually

Hiking trails are carefully marked and maintained

All firewood in the lodge is sourced from alien vegetation such as Port Jackson Willow

All infrastructural development follows strict environmental scoping protocols before submission for final approval from the regional district municipality

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Environmental impact

  • Waste levels are monitored and reported on a monthly basis
  • Hazardous chemicals are stored in a secure place, kept on register and reported on monthly
  • Roads and infrastructure are monitored annually
  • Together with Bushmans Kloof’s resident archaeologist Londi Ndzima, Professor John Parkington, Head of the Archaeology department at the University of Cape Town (UCT), monitors the rock art on a regular basis
  • Wildlife populations are counted from the air annually
  • The Bushmans Kloof Conservation Trust meets bi-annually
  • An internal and external environmental audit is carried out on an annual basis