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A National Heritage Site

Here at Bushmans Kloof, a National Heritage Site within the Cape Floral Kingdom, we are well aware of our extraordinary environment, and feel ourselves beholden to the land that sustains a plethora of plants and creatures, including ourselves.

We are the proud winner of a host of ecological awards, including the Condé Nast World Savers Award for Wildlife and Conservation Programmes, and the coveted Relais and Chateaux Environment Trophy. We are proud to be within the Cederberg wilderness area of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Indigenous wildlife

Offering these majestic animals endless, protected territory within the Bushmans Kloof conservations grounds, the Cape Leopard are able to grow from their once near-extinct numbers to a population of essential wildlife within the natural ecosystem in which they now thrive. Central to Bushmans Kloof’s ability to protect these iconic African animals is staying abreast of modern approaches to sustainable wildlife management.

Cape Leopard Trust (Trust) is recognised by Bushmans Kloof, TTC and TreadRight as an exceptional organisation dedicated to intelligent, accountable and sustainable preservation of the Cape’s predator diversity. Bushmans Kloof is immensely proud to partner with the Cape Leopard Trust in a shared commitment to Leopard ecology and sustainability in the area.

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

Together with The TreadRight Foundation, we have partnered with leading active conservation organisations Cheetah Outreach to ensure local communities can protect themselves and their livestock from top predators responsibly and sustainably, while also helping protect one of Africa’s most endangered wild animals.

Anatolian Shepherd dogs have been introduced to the Greater Cederberg Area as livestock guardian dogs (LGDs). As born and bred guardians, Anatolian Shepherds offer a perfect solution for Bushmans Kloof and the surrounding region.

On the Reserve

with Céline Cousteau, TreadRight ambassador

Clanwilliam Cedar

Together with the Botanical Society and Western Cape Nature Conservation, we are committed to supporting the Clanwilliam Cedar Tree Project. Bushmans Kloof grows saplings in our nursery and hosts an annual tree and seed planting ceremony in an effort to reintroduce this highly endangered tree into its natural habitat.

The Cederberg mountains are named after the Clanwilliam Cedars (Widdringtonia cedarbergensis) that were once abundant on the upper slopes, and are now faced with possible extinction. 

Bushmans Kloof Rock Art Background

Wildlife in the Cederberg mountains...

Freshwater research centre

The Freshwater Research Centre (FRC) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to impactful freshwater reserach and conservation in South Africa. The centre promotes cross-cutting, collaborative research and is committed to developing innovative solutions to balancing water for people and biodiversity in a sustainable and equitable way.